so i’ve been on an accidental summer hiatus. whoops! the weather has just been so good that i haven’t made enough time for personal work.

when it’s hot in amsterdam you have to take full advantage of it because it’s never hot in amsterdam.  after this summer heat subsides i’ll be a better blogger.


oh no!

things are gearing up to be crazy over in these parts. the good news, our offer on our next apartment was accepted! the great news, said apartment is a boat built in 1910!!

now we have to clean up and pack our apartment up. in the middle of all this we are going to prague. the day we get back we are settling everything with the boat. then we move in! then 4 days later im going home for the holidays. all while praying that things don’t go terribly wrong.

these upcoming months will be madness and expensive, but i’m really really excited about it. seems like i will be starting 2013 broke. but broke on a wonderful boat in a beautiful canal.

the reason for this story is that this poor blog may not get as much love as it deserves.



queens day.

the past few days have been busy and fun. sunday was queens night and monday was queens day. queens day is a super fun holiday here in amsterdam. it is an all day all night hang outside drinking dancing eating singing laughing and having fun holiday. the whole city participates. it’s basically a massive party.
but today i am tired, sick and sunburned.

(i’ve noticed now that i live in a country that is pretty north and the sun doesn’t come out so often; that when the sun does make an appearance my skin doesn’t know how to handle it. i had spf 50 on and i’m still sunburnt.)

anyways, i’ll be back to regular scheduling tomorrow.

cat novelty.

my favorite camera i have is my tiny novelty cat camera. pictured here:

since there is no view finder it’s always very experimental. which makes for more fun. i took a few fun ones this week.

i especially love the wavy houses. i have no idea how that happened. just the magic of cat camera i suppose.

relaxing weekend.

it’s nice to have a quiet, close to home weekend every once and a while. this was ours.

it included. ramos gin fizzes – sunset picnics – bike rides – movies about space – bookstores – many walks – sangria – a concrete beach – sunshine – and puppies


it’s been a  three day weekend here in the netherlands. here are some things that we did:

dog park- little battleship potemkin went to her first off leash dog park. she did so great! i half expected to her run away and not let us catch her. but she was a little lady. she also decided that she likes climbing trees. she climbed way up above my head and gave me a small heart attack. are dogs supposed to climb trees? but she was able to get back down. and then back up. and then down again..

we later lounged after a long day of running.

rare sunshine moments- it’s been really rainy and gloomy here. ugh! so any chance we get at sunshine; we are outside. sitting around staring at each other.

draw bridge- i just thought this was neat. inception-esque???

stop motion- and the most exciting of all! we started on a new stop motion project. it should be done tonight (fingers crossed). it’s going to be a little different than what we usually do. and the theme is my new favorite drink: the ramos gin fizz. here are a few screen shots and behind the scene shots.

long weekend.

it was a long weekend in these parts. and a weekend that i didn’t take too many pictures. but there was a lot of picnic-ing and dog walking and general relaxing. ate some interesting meats like ostrich (amazing!) and lamb. and drank some pear genever and pink wine.

here are a few things i did take pictures of.

we rode the giant ferris wheel in dam square. and while i was absolutely terrified (afraid of heights aparently?) it made for some goooood picture takin’.

it’s baby bird season! i spent to much time squeaking at the tiny duck and feeding them spice cake.

we found the most generic beer in existence.

fred and i took some old man and old lady style tips and now we have sunglass chains and clip on flip ups.

the battleship potemkin was happy.

i made this. more on this later. ( it’s an old dutch thing / game )

and i replanted my succulent babies. note the re-purposed generic beer can. stay classy.