Wizard Fingers.


this upcoming year i will be working a bit more with video. i have some really neat things coming out in the near future, so to showcase them properly my partner (Fred) and I have created Wizard Fingers. a little space to showcase our motions.

right now there are a few small gifs to look at. i’ll be sure to let you know when the larger videos get put up.

i’m very excited and i hope you enjoy it!

photo gifs.

this weekend fred and i decided to do something new. so we made some photo gifs. it was mostly fred. he is the computer smart one.

it was really cold, so we didn’t experiment as much as we wanted. but i guess that is what spring will be for. and once we invent a nice camera rig we can do more action filled ones.

and yea, trying to do this with a  super hyper dog was a silly idea. but we will get better at this.

ramos gin fizz stop motion gif.

this is very exciting. i had an vision for our next stop motion saturday project which was basically a stationary menu or recipe. and this is what we came up with!!!!

a few weeks ago i told fred we were going to learn how to make a ramos gin fizz. it takes about 7 minutes to make and 6 of those are just the shaking. fred was skeptical because of the egg white. but it turned out to be super delicious and my new favorite drink. and thus the star of our next stop motion movie was born.

this was a fairly quick project. it only took a few days where some of our stop motions take weeks! we shot the objects and there movements on saturday using excellent movie magic like shaving cream  and hot glue. i sculpted a beautiful gin fizz out of said shaving cream. then it was as simple as making a temeplate in illustrator, dropping in the animations, and making it a gif! and i say simple because fred did all the scary technical video program stuff while i made pretty templates and fussed around with type.

but i am pleased with the final product and can’t wait for our next stop motion project.

{if you want some better information about anything, go to fred’s blog (http://fredhuergo.wordpress.com/). i’m sure he will explain things better, as he is the nerd scientist and i’m just the pretty prop master.}