long weekend.

it was a long weekend in these parts. and a weekend that i didn’t take too many pictures. but there was a lot of picnic-ing and dog walking and general relaxing. ate some interesting meats like ostrich (amazing!) and lamb. and drank some pear genever and pink wine.

here are a few things i did take pictures of.

we rode the giant ferris wheel in dam square. and while i was absolutely terrified (afraid of heights aparently?) it made for some goooood picture takin’.

it’s baby bird season! i spent to much time squeaking at the tiny duck and feeding them spice cake.

we found the most generic beer in existence.

fred and i took some old man and old lady style tips and now we have sunglass chains and clip on flip ups.

the battleship potemkin was happy.

i made this. more on this later. ( it’s an old dutch thing / game )

and i replanted my succulent babies. note the re-purposed generic beer can. stay classy.

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