photo gifs.

this weekend fred and i decided to do something new. so we made some photo gifs. it was mostly fred. he is the computer smart one.

it was really cold, so we didn’t experiment as much as we wanted. but i guess that is what spring will be for. and once we invent a nice camera rig we can do more action filled ones.

and yea, trying to do this with a  super hyper dog was a silly idea. but we will get better at this.

6 thoughts on “photo gifs.

  1. i like it , movement sensation , the bike on the bridge and the women on street also.
    My name’s David I ‘ve a blog , it’s about ideas i’ve no more serious , about these ideas i want to grow and make them grow , you know, you must open it with google chrome otherway diapositives won’t get open. I subscribe your blog i wish have more notices from you Thank you , please see my work too … and not worry if you don’t like you can say it , doesn’t matter to me, I ‘m from Catalonia La seu de urgell

  2. I think the last three are the best. I know animated gifs are all about movement but sometimes less is more. Cute as he is…the dog has got to go! (NO!). And yes, I do realize you know that, I’m just agreeing with you.
    I think my favorite is the final one.
    Keep on keeping on…!

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