i’m back! and tired….

i saw a lot of things. took way too many pictures.

decided that prague was the best and am booking a ticket to go back in november.

i ate frog legs and squid ink. jumped in a freezing switzerland lake and was bit by a swan.

and i got some holy water from the vatican.

i’ll be back to a regular illustration schedule soon.

here are some pictures before we get back to drawing.


well happy july everyone! i’m heading out for a european walkabout. heading to england, belgium, germany, czech republic, austria, italy, switzerland and france. whew, i will be tired in august.

just dropped this little lady

off at her dog hotel.

needless to say, but i don’t think i’ll have much time to draw. but i will be posting pictures and maybe some sketches on my tumblr. stop in and say hi!

i’ll miss you all!