safari day one.

so this week i have set out a series of safari illustrations to make. this is day one.

that being said this particular illustration looked a lot better in my mind. i don’t hate it. but it is certainly not what i wanted it to be. alas. life goes on and i’ll make sure tomorrows safari illustration is better. much better…..

little things.

window garden

my parents gave us a apartment warming gift of little baby succulents. cacti being one of the few plants i don’t kill, i’m very excited. this now brings the window garden to 5 succulents, strawberry seedlings, an avocado seed and mint. but the mint is half dead. all gaurded by the garden keeper moonman.

metal heart

i got a letter from melissa with this little metal heart she made inside of it. i sewed it to the psycho killer angel puppets wing for safe keeping.

a western bar

my parents also brought some bar paraphernalia that i either left in america or can’t get here. most notably multiple bourbons.  having a well stocked bar is a very important thing.we made some mint juleps with the aforementioned dying mint. and of course. old fashioneds!!

go games

fred bought the game ‘go’. which we attempted to figure out how to play on our own since it did not come with directions. i’m sure we’ll get it one day.

haberdashery uniforms

in love with this hat. and striped shirts. here is my spring uniform.