hello to you all! i’ve been busy this weekend playing harmonicas and my new ukulele. i hope you are all having equal amounts of fun.

so i have noticed that i am getting close to having 1000 people following my little blog. which in my world is… amazing! so i am going to start gathering together components for a little q&a post when i reach that magic number. as a little hello how are you this is me kind of thing.

any questions i should answer?? anything you want to know/see? ask away and i’ll do my best to answer them all in that upcoming post.

cool! and thanks! and thanks again for reading!

buy prints.

hi all!

i just set up an account at society6 where you can buy some of my prints if you so please. how exciting! i put the link in the menu bar to the right. and here is the link right here:

i hope you like the prints i have up now, and if this goes well i’ll be adding more!



going home for the holidays is a whirlwind of busy. ah! so as you can tell i had zero time to draw anything. how sad. but i did get a new computer and wacom tablet to work on! oh my i’m so excited. i’m going to try to set it all up today and get some art done!

here is a picture of ‘billy the kid’ my cat who couldn’t come to amsterdam because of her anxiety. i miss her! it was so good to hang out with her.


things have been a bit crazy in these parts. i’m going home for the holidays. so i’ve been busy finishing up work projects, packing, cleaning, and getting the pup to her dog hotel. and tomorrow i’m off to massachusetts!

so my posting on this blog will probably be a bit slower than usual. i’m going to try to post¬† over on my tumblr.

so yeah, happy holidays! next you here from me i’ll be state side.