hello to you all! i’ve been busy this weekend playing harmonicas and my new ukulele. i hope you are all having equal amounts of fun.

so i have noticed that i am getting close to having 1000 people following my little blog. which in my world is… amazing! so i am going to start gathering together components for a little q&a post when i reach that magic number. as a little hello how are you this is me kind of thing.

any questions i should answer?? anything you want to know/see? ask away and i’ll do my best to answer them all in that upcoming post.

cool! and thanks! and thanks again for reading!

2 thoughts on “questions?

  1. when did you start illustrating and what inspires you? when you do the q&a i’d love to know.. you deserve those 1000 followers! i really enjoy your work. thanks for sharing! šŸ™‚

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