funny love.



the feral boy and the daughter of the bearded lady met on the boardwalk and fell in love. they spent the day eating sugar and trading nickels for kisses. after a few hours of feeding peanuts to the mermaids the sun had gone down and a thousand paper moons came out. they pooled together their kissing money to have a photograph taken of them. ‘so i can always see your funny face’ they said.


character sketches (the beginning)

i wrote a little story a few weeks ago and now am staring to work on character development to go with it. once i get that down, i’ll move on to scenery. i”m taking my time with this one because i love the story and i want it to look great.

as you can see for now, it will involve a boy and ghosts and war, but that’s not all. i’m thinking of making the ghosts a lot darker than the usual cliché white ghosts. we shall see if it sticks.