summer uniforms.

summer is incoming. time to get the uniform together. i am the type of girl who wears the same things over and over again. even though i have too many articles of clothing and shoes and this and that, i probably rotate the same 5 things for weeks on end. and here is what i have decided.

it will be the year of sunglasses chains. orange lips. a giant headscarf to cover my crazy growning out hair. and maybe a collar. (on a side note does anyone else get really annoyed if a button up shirt is not buttoned up all the way to the top? super pet peeve of mine)

add some black boots with patterned socks. then some shorts. and there you have it!

my uniform fit for summer in amsterdam!

though. it is also nice to have:

a cute second in command.

seedlings to experiment with.

and an inconspicuous spy camera. (yes that is a tiny camera in the shape of a cat!)