since the cat camera takes video, i thought i might as well take some videos. so i set up a vimeo account. it’s very sad right now, but i’ll make more videos soon. and cat camera has no view finder, so this is all very… experimental.

here is a video of battleship potemkin at the park.

weekend after a disappearance.

ahh so i’ve been neglectful of the blog this past week. i’m wrapping up a larger project which is a time suck.

then fred came home from a week in france and naturally i did no work over the weekend.

so we took potemkin on a long walk.

which she very much enjoyed.

i met the doppelganger of billy the kid (my sweet cat back in the states.)

i relaxed while fred spazzed about the meat at cafe de klos.

and we visited our favorite bartender at cafe genootschap der geneugten. he had the old fashioned and i had the aviation.