this is a post about beer.

a few weeks ago i went to the rijksmuseum. they have a lot of old dutch still lifes (if you can imagine). these paintings are so beautiful and usually feature decadent flowers and food and glassware, etc. this one had this long glass tube with rings around it. with a little more reading i discovered that it was a device for a very old dutch beer drinking game. you have to drink the beer down to the next ring. if you don’t hit the ring you have to keep going to the next ring until you hit the mark.

sounded fun to me! so i told fred about it and we went and got materials and made the game.

remember this.

well, we filled it…. mostly.

and played!

my thoughts- it was fun. you really have to like beer to play this. and be careful because it turns out to be a lot of beer! it’s not super hard, but it does get harder the more you play (duh). fred is way better at it than i.