Buy The World A Hope.


i am very pleased to present the video for the Buy the World a Hope Movement. fred and i (aka Wizard Fingers) created this video sometime last year for this movement.

check out the website ( to learn more about this cause and let’s all help to make a world a better place.-

Wizard Fingers

Good Things


6 thoughts on “Buy The World A Hope.

  1. It also touches upon something I’ve long questioned… why established high-profile brands need to spend so much money on advertising. It seems hard to convince them NOT to spend money… so maybe the smarter approach is to convince them to spend it on something beneficial/charitable and that will end up serving as better advertising than money could buy while accomplishing something real!

  2. you people are nuts. If they don’t spend money on advertising, people buy less and they lose market share and profits. The company is owned by the shareholders who would sell all their shares or force out the CEO if he decided to spend ad money on rainforests.

    Of course I prefer rainforests to Coke, but this idea is utter garbage.

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