108 thoughts on “quick character sketches.

  1. These really are crazy cool. There’s something about them that almost reminds me of paintings that were in my room in the ’70s…they’ve got a retro vibe going!

    Fun post — you’re very talented!

  2. These are great. Do you write books? I recently
    finished a picture book and am trying to publish,
    examples of the art are on my sight – but I don’t
    know if the work in it’s entirity will be truly appealing
    to adults – though I have encounted some works by
    others that made me laugh till I was out of breath.
    Looking at your pictures reminds me of the Small
    world ride at disney land, I can almost hear the
    music – (I looked at some of your other posts too)
    These sketches are neat, but I think your finnished
    scenes are the most impressive. I for one would love
    to read something about the characters you create.
    Please leave a comment if there is something here
    you would like me to see – I tend to forget about
    sights I visit unless promted. (I don’t check my

  3. These do remind me of illustrations in classic children’s books, like Curious George. I work at a library, so I get to see how illustratrion has changed over the years. The newer books have a lot of big flashy illustrations, but the older illustrations still have heart and hand-drawn charm. Personally, I like both!

    (P.S. I also do some drawing of my own, comic strips mostly. You can view them on my blog.)

  4. I love the dragon one, Very cute πŸ˜€ You should illustrate for a living hehe. keep them coming please πŸ™‚

  5. Hi! I love your illustrations and style! Do you do your sketches directly on a computer or do you do it on paper first and then scan it?

    Thanks for sharing! It is very inspiring!


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  7. cute! I’ve always wanted to draw something as cute and cool as these, but I just don’t have that skill. This person just can’t draw, but thanks to you, I can at least admire. Lol. Keep these coming! πŸ™‚

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  11. very fascinating! love the wit of your artwork! The puppets remind me of my experience in Thailand. Wish I could also make puppets as lovely as yours!

    CONGRATULATIONS for being freshly pressed!

  12. I REALLY LOVE YOUR SKETCHES! you’re so great..! So talented! my.. I wish i could have the same pulse as you do for sketching.. i make poems and stories actually.. and i think it would be a great addition if i can draw just like you did.. πŸ™‚ i wish i could..

  13. these are perfectly brilliantly amusing and funny and fun. lol but yes, you did a great job on these beautiful artworks. i love doodling, by the way. πŸ˜€

  14. You’ve got me. I’ve signed up! I’d happily buy these. There is nothing worse than being a talentless hack so I rely on others to keep me supplied with pretty things. Once again, they really are quite wonderful. Thanks for sharing your drawings with us. Feel free to give us more!

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