i keep a lot of glass bottles. and glass jars. and glass anything. i fill them up with just about anything. so. all this open window weather put me in the mood for some infusing. a perfect jar filling activity.

first i chopped up a bunch of cucumbers, put them in a tall jar and added water. instant cucumber water.

then i went out and got some vodka to get serious. infusing vodka is the easiest. all you need is cheap vodka. a knife. some jars. and some fruits or herbs.

it’s good to have an assistant.

chop that shit up. put it in a jar. and fill it with vodka.


i made a ginger, a lemon, a cucumber, and a kiwi vodka. though i recommend mixing flavors too. my favorite i have ever made is ginger pomegranate.

leave them infusing for at least 3 days. do more if you want a stronger flavor.

but! trust me on this. unless you want to poison people don’t leave a hot pepper infusing for more than three days. at the most. i once left a scotch bonnet pepper in vodka for 3 days. i thought i was going to die when i tried it. so spicy. too spicy. and i like spicy.

once they are ready strain out the fruit and have some fun.

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